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5 Questions with Orangetheory CEO Dave Long

At which point, my brain and body functions were severely diminished and I put some food in me and it took 24 hours or so to come back to feeling like I was at normal functioning. Therefore, some of these things you can test. Take things in moderation. Do not just order and do all this stuff at once. The idea is to test out and try a few things at a time over a period of time and get to your optimum health. They might be some beans.

They might not be others. It might be coconut oil. I need some help figuring this out. Therefore, you might want to wait a little bit before ordering one of these and the demand dies down a bit for them. I also got the unflavored collagen protein to see if that makes a difference in the little tiny wrinkle lines showing up in my year-old face and in my creaky knees.

The first half is packed full of actionable information and the second half is really for enthusiasm. You want to get into every single detail basically and in my opinion, you want to master the first half. The key is to start with chapter one. Now, you are an immortal soul. There will be many bodies.

I am all that is Alpha and Omega. The four killers, the things that end human bodies living in the United States, at least where we live. I live, maybe not where you live. Where do you live? You can tell me in the comments where you live. These do vary greatly by geography. Thus, some places have almost no heart disease. Some have almost no diabetes but in the westernized world, these are pretty standard. These are the 4 things that are likely to take you out and therefore, you want to know what contributes to these to make these worse and what you can do to help back off on these.

I eat a whole plant vegan-based diet with some exceptions to vegetarianism. That works for me.

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Dave did not like the vegan diet himself, as he says in his book Super Human by Dave Asprey. However, there are lots of things we agree on so to speak currently. The bottom line with The Four Killers is that you want to reduce stress and get good sleep. These are 2 things you can get to work on today totally for free. Stress is one of those huge things that taxes our entire body and immune system. Thus, anything we can do to reduce stress makes a huge difference in all the four killers as does getting good sleep.

Getting good sleep helps our bodies regenerate, stay young and again go against all four killers. Diabetes, especially when you do things that spike your blood sugar, is contributing to diabetes and glucosamine I guess can help with that. All of these recommendations are from Dave. I have not taken any glucosamine myself. When you take short periods of fasting which I do intermittent fasting almost every day where I eat during an 8 to hour window or so to give my body a significant amount of time off of eating short periods of fasting.

Maybe, even for longer can help your body balance out against all of the four killers. You can also, if things are a total disaster or if you just want to take things to the highest level, you can also get a functional review of your DNA to help you see where you should specifically focus.

After we look at the four killers and I recommend if you get excited about any of these topics, get the full book so you can really go into detail on these. The idea that when you know what these are and you can manage these, you can essentially stop or slow down your aging and even go backwards. I like Zombie Cells.

They just keep hanging around and go on shrinking tissues where you once had a beautiful arm that was all tight and everything. This is where the telomeres do an essential function in your cells. These get shortened up over time and then there are a lot of negative results from that. You can consider some anti-aging drugs.

This suggestion has been made several times with no fried grilled or charred meat. Sorry, no fried, grilled, or charred meat and again, manage stress. You can also supplement it with vitamin D. A lot of Americans, especially are deficient in vitamin D and I do a vitamin D supplement every day. One drop is enough and Dave also recommends taking that with vitamin A and K.

Another thing you can do to help is to find foods that are not compatible with your body because each of our bodies has a different composition and this is why one diet can work for one person and another diet can work for the other person. Even when the diets are almost directly opposite to each other, one person can do great on a diet that would be bad for another person. The food you eat can age you forward or backward. I used to weigh pounds.

I was coming up on a bunch of those four killers and in the middle of the seven pillars of Aging. Dave specifically recommends in his book Super Human by Dave Asprey avoiding all conventionally grown grains, produce and, animal stuff. These are often loaded with toxins, hormones, and the things that mess our bodies up.

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By animal stuff, I mean animal products and animal meats. Dave loves some butter and grass-fed cows. The one downside I would point out to this is that these use a massive amount of resources to feed a cow on grassland. Therefore, I suggest minimizing the grass-fed stuff also because it takes a huge amount of resources. Again, no fried stuff ever. The second time directly mentioning that in the book summary.

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The first, from July to early September, entailed weeks of logistics activities to move troops, equipment and supplies to their assembly and exercise areas. Russia's massive drills were two things at once: a military drill where troops tested their combat preparedness; and a diplomatic exercise highlighting relations with China, aimed at the West. Mobilisation of reserve forces was also exercised, with 21 units in ten subject territories of the Russian Federation 4 mobilised and several thousand citizens recalled from the reserves.

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As you can see, most of Dave's body fat is central adiposity, or fat between his abdominal organs. Since skinfold tests only measure subcutaneous adiposity, or fat between the skin and the muscle, I think the skinfold test is a poor one for someone like Dave. Therefore if we want to measure true fat loss, we'll need to use a DEXA measure. It's also important to note the following: central adiposity is the worst kind; it's the kind that leads wives and children to bury their husbands and daddies young.

You see, there's a high correlation between the fat in your abdominal region and your heart disease risk. So, needless to say, we're going to work on getting Dave leaner here first. Now, I'll admit it, at the beginning of this project I wasn't sure what to expect. Here's another excerpt from Dave's food log, providing further evidence of just how messed up Dave's habits really are:.